Providing opportunity

Developing the next generation of leaders

Paving the future of our nation

Each year we recruit and send ethnic-minority college students from across America to work paid internships in Washington D.C. , providing opportunity, building bridges and tearing down walls between diverse communities that have stood for far too long. 

Fostering a spirit of cooperation

We need to work with all parties and people. Never-ending political wars benefit no one. Let’s communicate. Sit down together as equals and work toward positive solutions for our communities and nation.

Paving the future of our nation

Youth are our future. This program is reaching and training America’s next generation of leaders in both the public and private sectors while building necessary bridges and tearing down walls that have for too long stood.

Reaching ethnic minorities

Young black & Hispanic minds learn about our system of self-governance, develop an influential network & get paid all while breaking down stereotypes and communication barriers that exist on both sides of the ideological aisle.


3 Ways To Make A Difference

Partner With Us

This program is necessary, but also expensive. POCC Interns is 100% donor-funded. Please click here to provide any level of financial support.

Become an Intern

POCC Interns is accepting applications for the summer 2023 internship class right now! The first step to becoming an intern is to complete and submit an application form.

Refer a School

Students, faculty or anyone affiliated with an accredited U.S. college or university – add your institution to our recruiting list and start referring your students today!


What Our Interns Say

My experience as an intern on Capitol Hill was breathtaking. From the daily commute, to weekly events and office tasks everything was incredible, it seemed surreal. I was a valuable part of staff and actively worked on legislation shaping the direction of a country! I’ve made connections and friendships that will last forever. It was truly an unforgettable experience.

Asia Mercer

Arizona State University

This summer I was blessed with the opportunity to work in the office of Congressman Mike Johnson from the 4th district of Louisiana. The term I’d use to describe my internship experience is life-changing. I came to Capitol Hill expecting to learn more about how the government operates, I got much more than I’d anticipated!

Evan Smith

Oklahoma Wesleyan University

Working on Capitol Hill was an indescribable experience  and the excursions put together by the POCC program that took us exploring places like the White House, various monuments, and museums were amazing. This was work but it didn’t feel like it, it was more like  a 7-week long dream vacation that we got paid to be on!

Afriye Phillips

Oral Roberts University

I’m forever grateful for this opportunity. Coming from a household in which politics was not discussed, I didn’t understand much. I had no idea that many of my beliefs aligned closely with conservative principles. Attending hearings, roof-top receptions and conversations about policies and procedures, I finally found my truth!

Michaela Torain

West Virginia State University

I loved, loved, loved it. Doing research on legislation was a great experience, and interacting with other Congressional members who’d come to our office was the highlight. I love the fact that so many influential people took time to meet and talk with us. The location of our dorm rooms was great, the tours were awesome, and all-in-all it was a dream summer.

Kendall Watts

Grand Canyon University

Frequently Asked

Do I need to be a law or political science major?

No. Any ethnic-minority student from any accredited college or university can be accepted into the program regardless of major or field of academic study. You may apply for an internship up to 5 years after graduation, so those in graduate school are eligible as well.

Is there a deadline for applying?

Yes! For consideration to be hired for our next internship session you must submit an application and resume no later than December 15. But don’t procrastinate. Competition for available positions is fierce.

What's the process for being hired?
Once you’ve submitted an application and resume you will be contacted and informed if an initial interview is desired. First interviews are conducted by phone and usually happen between November 15 and January 15. Successfully completing that interview results in submission to Chiefs of Staff or other hiring authorities in Washington D.C. who will schedule second and possibly third interviews in February and March. Successfully completing those interviews results in an offer letter and then its time to pack your bags!
I can't afford to take a summer off from work.
You aren’t. Our internships are PAID positions! POCC Interns are paid via scholarship with each intern being awarded $1500 for the 7-week internship session.
I live a long way from Washington D.C. and can't afford airfare.
You don’t have to. POCC Intern’s airfare or other D.C. travel expenses are paid.
Will I be safe? Where will I live? And isn't living in Washington D.C. expensive?

Very! But not for POCC Interns. Our interns are housed in the dormitories at George Washington University, just a few stops on the Metro Rail Line from Capitol Hill, and 100% of intern’s housing expenses are paid. GWU dorms are safe, secure, modern and air conditioned! We also provide a 24/7 live-in Group Coordinator who manages schedules and supervises all activities. In addition to being in a secure, passkey-protected building GWU also maintains a 24/7 security presence.

What do I wear everyday?
Capitol Hill is a professional environment, interns do need to have a professional wardrobe.
Who will I work for?
Interns are interviewed and hired by congressional members of the U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives as well as our partnered policy analysis firms and think tanks. Each of the latter is generally located within walking distance of Capitol Hill.
When do I arrive, when do I go home?

Dates for the 2023 internship session are: June 5 – interns arrive & check into the dorms; June 6 – report for first day at work; July 22 – final day of work; July 23 interns depart for home.

What will I be doing?

Exact details of the job vary by hiring office but interns can expect to be engaged in constituent interaction – answering phones, replying to letters and email, etc., assisting in legislative briefs, attending committee meetings and hearings, performing guided tours is also a common intern responsibility.

Is it all work and no play?
By no means. POCC Interns are treated to a variety of tours, excursions and non-business related activities. Plus you’ll have ample time to wander and see Washington on your own.
Am I too young?
If you’re under 18, yes.

People Of Color Capitol Interns is an outreach of Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Both the program and organization are 100% donor funded with no money coming from any political parties or institutions. Reach us at:


P.O. Box 50401

 Colorado Springs, CO 80949-0401


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