Some are called to go
Some are called to send those called to go

Both are necessary


Why partner with us?

To be more effective at representing all citizens the conservative movement in America must become more diverse. To achieve the representative clout it deserves the ethnic-minority community must force all political persons and parties to compete for our votes. The POC Capitol Interns program ts the right thing to do for both sides. 

Many would like to see the ranks of the conservative movement become more ethnically diverse but silently wonder, “What can I do? Supporting this effort is one thing YOU can do today that will make a difference tomorrow.

Some organizations leave donors wondering “What happens to my dollars?” Here you never have that question. Each intern costs between $3,500 and $5,000, your support goes directly toward changing the life of a young, future leader.

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Your commitment of a monthly amount, whether large or small, fuels our ability to grow and expand to new states and schools. Become a partner by donating automatically each month.

The RMBC is spreading the word to our colored brothers and sisters that conservatism is not the enemy. It’s difficult, often expensive work that must be done by someone if things are ever to improve. We’re the ‘someones.’ There are those who deliver the message and those who send those who deliver the message. Both are necessary. Donations of any amount are needed, welcomed and greatly appreciated.

If you would prefer to send your monthly donation by check please send your contribution to:

Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives
P.O. Box 50401
Colorado Springs, CO 80949-0401 

The RMBC is a 501(c)3 organization and all contributions are fully tax deductible.


What Our Interns Say

The ability to not only see but participate in the nuts and bolts of our system of government was very eye-opening and informative. We learned more working in a senator’s office for a summer than most students do in three semesters of college because it’s not theoretical. It’s real life – you’re actually right there doing it day in and day out.

Catherine Hendrix

Pikes Peak College

Most people wonder what really goes on in Washington. We got to see first-hand and work directly with the people who are shaping the future of our country. We met people most Americans only see on TV and got to go places many never do – all as a part of this internship program. I can’t thank the RMBC enough for this amazing summer.

Evan Rock

Arizona State University

Working on Capitol Hill was a dream come true. You meet so many interesting, important and influential people and daily talk to constituents from other parts of the country. Helping manage how citizens communicate with their elected representatives made us an important link in the government chain. It was really an honor and a lot of fun.

Carene Simon

University of Maryland

Wow. This opportunity challenged me in several areas and allowed me to forge great connections with many people both inside and outside of the program. Working in the halls of congress was an experience like nothing else I’ve ever had, it provided a first-hand account of how our government works and was much more than I could ever have learned in a university classroom.

Xavier Foster

University of Colorado