The POC Capitol Interns story

As told through the intern’s own words and pictures

POCC Interns represents an important step for the future. Through this program we place young black & Hispanic minds into internships thus allowing them to learn about our system of self-governance in a hands-on fashion, develop a network of influential contacts and experience for themselves the inner workings of government. Drawing from those experiences they can then make decisions about values and political agendas while at the same time breaking down stereotypes and communication barriers that exist on both sides of the ideological isle.

But does it work?? Here is the answer to that question from our interns themselves:

Through this program we may well be raising up public service leaders of tomorrow but even if not we are at least building necessary bridges and tearing down walls that have for too long stood.

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As you explore this site consider supporting this very important effort.  Founded in 2010 by a small but determined group in Colorado, the Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives has been steadily building bridges between two distant communities – ethnic-minorities & political conservatives.  Rather talk about the need for changes as so many have perfected, we’re doing something about it. We locate and hire quality interns, thus beginning the process of removing animosity and growing mutual-respect. And we pay for everything.

This program is a necessary step to be sure, but it is also expensive.  If you would like to sponsor all or a portion of a student’s life-changing experience CLICK HERE.

The RMBC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization,
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What Our Interns Say

An overall life-changing experience. Everything from the location of the dorms we lived in to getting to attend the Congressional baseball game to working with Congressional staff was first class. And, as a law student, I gained access to a network of people whom I probably would never have otherwise met.

Jamari Hartley

St. John’s University

This summer was unlike anything I’ve ever done. I have friends who worked in fast food restaurants over the summer, whereas I got an all-expenses paid trip to the east coast, earned good money, worked in a fun and stimulating environment, met famous people, gained experience, and collected the business cards of people who will be in my life for decades to come.

Romario Bailey

Florida State University

The entire summer was surreal. I had a feeling of awe every day over just being in such a historical place. I loved everything from the daily tasks while being at work to the various tours and getting to know my fellow interns. The entire summer was a blast!

Hannah Clark

University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

An overall eye-opening experience. My eyes were opened to the vast amount of things I can do with my law degree and how the large number of connections I now have on Capitol Hill can help with that. I also learned that Congressman Gowdy is a great man. It’s unlikely I ever would have met him, let alone worked with him without this internship program.

Gregory George

Florida A&M University